Our Home

I have a little announcement to make. Drumroll, please…

We bought a house! It’s a real fixer-upper and we could not be more excited to make it our own! We’ll be all moved in by the end of the month. This means two things for anyone who reads along: 1. Anyone and everyone who is interested can chart our progress of making this ugly duckling into a beautiful swan and 2. We have to say goodbye to our adorable little apartment, so I’ve decided to share photos here for those who’ve haven’t yet been able to visit.

 photo LivingRoom1_zpsfb27dc42.jpg

Step right up for the guided tour. First: our main entrance (yeah, we don’t have a key to the front): the kitchen. This is a room that is bursting at the seams since we have so many cool gadgets and serve ware pieces and so little cabinet and counter space. Yes, (of course!) I made the clock.

 photo Kitchen1_zps26895b28.jpg

Then, we’ll step into the breakfast nook. Little, little nook. We pass by Andy’s office area that is packed with various stringed instruments, but since we never quite got around to doing any decorating there, I think we’ll move on. Bathroom ahead!

 photo BreakfastNook_zps8dcd670b.jpg

Is it terrible that I’m trying to think of an owl-related pun and I can’t? So, insert your own owl pun here.

 photo Bathroom3_zps0d13cdb8.jpg

Oh, and check out the link to my post on the owl button art I made here.

 photo Bathroom4_zpsdbf42bef.jpg

I still can’t get over world’s cutest toothbrush holder.

 photo Bathroom2_zpscf143fad.jpg

Down the hallway we go!

 photo Hallway_zps8d42fa78.jpg

We’ll pop into the bedroom.

 photo Bedroom2_zps41c05f79.jpg

And, then next door to the guest bedroom.

 photo GuestBed_zpsdd29c05d.jpg

OK, swinging back out to the living room, the place where we spend 90% of our time.

 photo LivingRoom2_zps274f9034.jpg

I’m kind of embarrassed about the current state of the mantle. We recently rearranged and the TV used to be up there. Just when I got all excited about decorating it, we started house-hunting, so I decided I would save my creative mantle-energy for the new place. I promise it will be super cool.

 photo PhotoWall_zps0cdcce0c.jpg

Oh, wait, is that a sunroom over there? Why, yes. Yes, it is.

 photo LivingRoom3_zps4df5a6fb.jpg

With table for sewing in addition to a desk, of course. And all my crazy artwork and fabric poking out.

 photo Sunroom4_zps9a2e4322.jpg

As a side note, I made each and every curtain in this place. Crossing my fingers that some of them will work in the new house.

 photo Sunroom2_zps6c29d53e.jpg

This concludes the tour. Thanks for stopping by! I cannot, cannot wait to share the new place soon… though I’d really prefer not to show the before pictures just yet, or you might think we’re a little crazy. We probably are.

 photo Detail_Deer_zps2704f06d.jpg


4 Comments on “Our Home”

  1. bekahell says:

    Love this cute apartment! Your style is very fun–the curtains are my favorite detail. Can’t wait to see what you do with your new place! -Bekah Ellingson

  2. bekahell says:

    I love what you’ve done with this apartment. Your style is fun–my favorite detail is probably the curtains (throughout). Tutorial on how you create them? Can’t wait to see the new place and your design decisions! Many congratulations on your home purchase!

    • Thanks!! We couldn’t paint the colors we wanted, so I really had fun with the curtains trying to give the place character. I’m sure I’ll have to make some new curtains at our new house, so there may be a tutorial in the near future. 🙂

  3. Blaine says:

    Very cute apartment. I can’t wait to tour your new home 🙂

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