Autumnal Shorts

Isn’t “autumnal” a wonderful word? I’m trying to fit it casually into as many conversations as I can, and I count it as a success that I only sometimes get weird looks for working into all sorts of things. Autumn’s always been my very favorite season. It’s the perfect time to mix spring, summer and winter clothes. Throw a little brown in the mix and viola! You’ve got an autumn wardrobe.

Essentially anything that qualifies as “chic grandma fashion” fits into fall-time seamlessly, and since this is what at least a chunk of my wardrobe seems to be, it works perfectly for me. The muted, vintage-y, old-couch-conjuring patterns are all made for this time of year and I couldn’t be more excited.

I also have to point out that there is a very small window where you can get away with wearing wool shorts. Believe me, I’ve tried during the summer. Not cool. In the most literal way possible. We are living in that shorts-with-tights appropriate window right now, so you better believe I’m wearing the heck out of these babies.

To accent this basic fall number, gold nails are perfect. Gold is always my favorite nail color, so it’s especially nice when it actually coordinates with what I’m wearing. So, here’s to wearing things you really cannot get away with in any other season! And grandma-chic fashion! And autumnal-osity of all sorts.

Outfit details: shirt: Zara, shorts: Urban Outfitters, shoes: BC Footwear, nail polish: Revlon Golden, lips: Burt’s Bee’s Rhubarb, eyes: Covergirl Mink


2 Comments on “Autumnal Shorts”

  1. Lauren says:

    LOVE this outfit! so adorable, who can resist a peter pan collar??


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