Sunday Antique Market

This past weekend marked our first trip to the “3rd Sunday Market” in Bloomington, IL. The market is overwhelmingly insane in the best way possible. I never could have imagined so many antiques in one place at one time. Any other attempts I try to make at describing the vastness that is this market will not do it justice, so I’ll leave it at that. If you live anywhere near by, I would highly recommend checking it out.

The mission was to find tabletop decorations for our wedding. The vision is that every table will be different, down to the tablecloths and napkins, so finding “matching” decorations is much more of a self-imposed suggestion than a requirement.

The beginning of the trip was mostly spent soaking it all in, deciding exactly the types of items we were looking for and how much we were willing to pay.

In the end, we came away with a few pieces we loved. Some adorable tabletop planters that will be filled with simple succulents, a zany tablecloth and old Bingo cards. Because, hey, at $1 for the bundle, we can find something to do with those Bingo cards.

Miraculously we used enough self control not to buy anything non-wedding related. And I think next time we’ll be much more mentally prepared for what we’re wanting to find and we’ll end up with a much bigger haul. That’s a good thing, right?

What are your favorite things to keep an eye out for when antiquing?


4 Comments on “Sunday Antique Market”

  1. Looks like you found some great items; I especially love the tablecloth! When antiquing, I have an obsession with milk vases and antique spoons, forks and knives. Not really sure what I will do with the collection… maybe an art project… but I do love the hunt.

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