Outift: Not all Black and White

Spring is the time of year to mix the best of warm and cold weather clothes. You can get away with wearing bright, loud summer colors, muted autumn tones, classic pastel spring colors or dark, dramatic winter-like colors. This is a perfect example of how I love to use a good amount of rich black while still keeping a warm-weather feeling.

Long sleeves and tights under shorts took care of the slight chill of a spring evening, but the light and airy fabrics were still right on par with the season.

The tried-and-true black and white automatically makes anything feel classic. Coral-red lips add a playful, warm look to the ensemble and bright yellow nails add a funky vibe.

What are your favorite colors to pop into black and white ensembles?

Outfit details: Shirt: Clef de Sol (from Japan), Shorts: Lily White,  Lips: Revlon Kiss Me Coral, Nails: Sally Hansen Lightening


6 Comments on “Outift: Not all Black and White”

  1. LOVE this look & your hair!

  2. ElizaDreams says:

    This is so cute! I love the hair!

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