Japan: Ryokan Breakfast

Drumroll, please… And now I present the much awaited (I’m sure) second part of our stay at the ryokan. If you’re wondering what had happened so far, to get up to speed check out Japan: Ryokan Dinner. We got an early start so we could fit in a day full of sights to see and things to do. Talk about a meal that fueled your body for the day! This breakfast was hearty and filling without being heavy.

Again, it was somewhat of an interactive meal. The cubes of tofu boiled in the small pot the server lit for us. One of the highlights for me was the miso soup, above on the right. This soup was at least 234.9 times better than any miso soup I’ve ever eaten before. I could seriously eat that every day for the rest of my life. It was so rich and delicate at the same time.

It was interesting attempting to differentiate what exactly constituted “Japanese breakfast foods.” Almost everything was served cold, and the only real likeness to an American breakfast was the eggs, which were served cold an in cube form. But they were quite good!

Another food item that continued to surprise me throughout the trip were “sweet beans.” Every single bean I ate in Japan was sweet. Whether being used as a bean paste filling for candy, or even sugar coated and pre-packaged, I never came across a savory bean. And this meal was no exception. I admit, they sound kind of out there, but they were actually pretty tasty.

There were also the staples: fish and a pickled something-or-other. The pickled red food above was so tart, none of us could get more than a sliver of a bite down.

We also used sheets of nori to create a sort of pincer to dig right into the bowl of rice. So, in case the meal wasn’t filling enough, there was plenty of rice to be scooped up and green tea to wash it down.

Overall, this was such a wonderful stay! There was so much tradition and culture packed into this little overnight that getting a bang for our buck here is a gross understatement. Hope you enjoyed a tiny little glimpse into our ryokan experience!


One Comment on “Japan: Ryokan Breakfast”

  1. Anna says:

    What a beautiful looking spread!

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