Japan: All things adorable

As some of you may know, I recently took a trip to Japan to visit my best friend, Katie, who is currently teaching English there. I’m going to have to take a few (or a lot of) different posts to highlight parts of the trip, but I feel like this is a good place to start. Let me preface this by explaining that Japan is steeped in tradition and order. The beautiful simplicity found everywhere from the food to the temples was astounding. The respect people treated each other and society as a whole with was what struck me the most and was incredibly admirable. However, this post is about something that I also feel like encompasses all aspects of the Japanese lifestyle. It’s the fact that everything from signage to commercials is filled with quirky, cartoony, silly and, well, adorable things of all sorts.

Above are warning signs at the deer park we visited in Nara. Not only were the warning signs not intimidating, but the deer were far from it. Except that moment close to feeding time (sorry, Sam!).

A cutened up vending machine at the deer park.

But the baby deer weren’t the only animals that were freakishly adorable. These little snow monkeys were so expressive and fun to watch. And so fluffy!

It wouldn’t be a Japanese commercial without an adorable animal character.

Joyful little character showing us how to go to the onsen.

Romantical bathroom shoes.

A couple of cartoon tour guide foxes (note the waving little guy in the background) informing us of customs that should be followed at the Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine.

At the shrine, you didn’t have to read Japanese to interpret what this guy means.

Quirky vending machine characters.

More cartoon signage.

When I first saw this amusing elevator sign in Tokyo, I had to take a photo. Little did I know I would see this symbol on elevators all over the country over the next week.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak-peek into cute little tidbits from Japan!


4 Comments on “Japan: All things adorable”

  1. LuRae says:

    These signs are so cute. Makes me think we could take ourselves a little less seriously here!

  2. Selvinas says:

    Wish our signs looked like that, would cheer the place up.
    But perhaps people here would take the signs less serious.

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