Grilled Corned Beef and Cabbage… Reuben

I can’t exactly say that St. Patrick’s Day is the only time cabbage makes an appearance in our home. It’s actually one of Andy’s favorite foods, so after many years of turning my nose up at boiled, mushy cabbage, I finally came to know that it could be a crunchy, sweet, delicious side that isn’t only reserved for one day a year. We haven’t made corned beef, on the other hand, since last St. Patrick’s day, but, heck, after this meal, we might not wait another year.

Since the weather has been unusually beautiful lately, and we wanted to put a little spin on the age-old meal, we decided to do the meal mainly on the grill. We cut up the cabbage into wedges and secured the layers with wet soaked, wet toothpicks (so they wouldn’t catch on fire, of course) and hit them with salt, pepper and olive oil.

We threw on some onion wedges brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper as well.

Fingerling potatoes also got a nice covering of olive oil, salt and pepper and then we tossed them freshly grated Parmesan cheese and fresh chopped garlic. Before serving, I felt it necessary to  hit them with a sprinkle more cheese and a bit more garlic. Those are two ingredients you can’t have too much of.

The corned beef got a nice sear on the grill and we finished it off in the oven and the potatoes also got a final bake in the oven after the grill gave them a nice crisp skin.

Since we got traditional rye bread, we toasted it and, at the last second, opted for open-faced corned beef sandwiches. And it wouldn’t really be a sandwich without a hearty drizzling of Thousand Island dressing on top.

The grilling really brought out the savory and sweet flavors, especially in the vegetables, which had a slightly caramelized finish, yet retained a slight crunch. This was a multi-textured, full-flavored meal that was a wonderful derivative of the classic Irish meal… well vaguely Irish, vaguely reuben and all delicious.


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