Wedding Party Proposal

I wanted to do something out of the ordinary to ask my closest friends to be in my wedding. Most of them live hours away, so a dinner or gathering isn’t really an option. When I came across this idea from Rinse. Repeat. I knew it would be a perfect way to put my artsy craftsy skills to use and do something more than an email or text.

I found some slide-top wooden craft boxes at Hobby Lobby that would be just the right size for mailing. I got busy mixing my paints and writing up little cards explaining all aspects of the wedding. On the cards I included the categories: The Wedding Party, The Attire, The Wedding and Everything Else. I included descriptions of the wedding day: how the ceremony will be outdoors in front of an oak tree at my parent’s house and how everyone will have a unique dress along with information on hotels, rehearsal dinners and whatnot. I also wrote up little bios so everyone could get to know each other since my best pals are from childhood, college and beyond and are spread across the United States (and Japan!), and they’ve not all had the chance to meet.

In the box, I also included a fabric swatch of a fabric I was inspired by for the wedding colors (as well as the colors of our last apartment). That way, when everyone is picking out their own dress, they’ll have a color to match it to. On the outside of the box, I used a thin Sharpie marker to do the lettering and painted a circle of flowers around it that match our wedding colors.

In all, I made nine boxes, one for the Maid of Honor and my best friend since the sixth grade, Katie; three for bridesmaids: my college friends Erica and Jodi and my frequent dinner date Lorin. Rylee and Megan, friends from way back are in the wedding party as guest book attendants, which will be a blast since we’re doing instant photos! My college roomate, Emily will be stationed at the gift table and Andy’s sisters, Erin and Abby will pass out programs. I am pretty convinced this will be the best wedding party of all time.

And the best part, they all received them and I couldn’t be happier to announce that all of them have agreed to be part of the big day!! Whew!


5 Comments on “Wedding Party Proposal”

  1. Mandy says:

    Love this!

  2. LuRae says:

    So very special … and so you! My eyes are welling up as I take all of this in! Congratulations on your new blog

  3. Thanks, I’m having so much fun so far with the “little things.” And thanks for checking it out! I’ll be posting a lot more wedding stuff here pretty soon. 🙂

  4. Well isn’t this completely darling. (: I love your sensibility.

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