Food for a Month

As you may or may not know, I live with my fiance, Andy, who recently started going back to school for his MBA. Which is awesome! But which also means that he’s gone a lot of evenings now, be it mentally or physically. We’ve gotten through what I think is the hardest part in January. (dun dun dun) Boot camp. This was kind of a crash course in a business major to get everyone on the same page. He had class from 6-9:30 Monday through Friday. Yes, even Friday night.

Seeing as he gets off work at 5, and sometimes gives bass lessons from 5-5:45, I knew there would be no time to make up a full meal for him to eat before he headed back to school (since he works at the school, he is literally there all day and night). And this is when my maternal instincts began to kick in and my harebrained scheme began.

I decided I would make a month’s worth of meals for us during the first few nights.

In reality, it took a full week and the total came to 48 pre-portioned, single-serve meals. The kitchen was a disaster, to say the least, but it was a blast simultaneously cooking four meals at once! Our kitchen sure did smell delectable for a week. I didn’t make anything too labor-intensive or fancy since I was multitasking so much already. Some dishes included shrimp scampi, Jamaican chicken with black beans and mashed sweet potatoes, burritos (mild, medium and spicy!), breaded chicken with olives and feta, wild rice and mushroom soup, BBQ pulled pork, cheesy baked chicken, pork hoisin and garlic couscous and spinach and mushroom pasta. All in all, the meals went over fantastically well and lasted us a little over a month. It was fun having so many “home cooked” meals to choose from… even if they did have to be defrosted.

In other news, I am becoming my grandma because I not only labeled, but dated my freezer food.


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